Boy howdy, Lamar coach Tom Nolen isnít afraid of a non-district challenge. The Texans (formerly the Redskins) take on, in consecutive weeks: Brenham, Elkins and Port Arthur Memorial. Whoa. But itís the Elkins game that has us most giddy, and itís because of the potential strength-on-strength matchup involved. Elkinsí team speed is nearly unmatched, with QB Johnathan Giles and DE Leroy Godfrey leading the charge. But Lamar got a coup of a transfer late in the game with Fort Bend Marshall QB J.W. Ketchum transferred to Lamar. Now, the Texans look like a Houston-area threat again. But we keep hearing all about Elkins, and how theyíre a threat to win it all. This early test will serve as a barometer for both teams.