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Casey Anthony

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I still dont see how she wasnt found guilty
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  1. Ranger Mom's Avatar
    Personally, I think the state overcharged. With only circumstantial evidence, strong as it may have been, I can see why the jury voted the way they did. Not that I agree by any stretch of the imagination. The state should have left the death penalty OFF the table and not tried to charge her with pre-meditated murder. While it is my own personal opinion that she died by her mother's hands, I don't think Casey meant to kill her.
  2. Txbroadcaster's Avatar
    I agree RM..but the charge of manslaughter was on the table...the problem was the Prosecution instead of giving proof tried to character assassinate and not provide real physical proof...IMO the State rushed things

    I love you bobcat4life!!!!
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  3. Phil C's Avatar
    Circumstantial evidence has convicted people before. Look at the case of the Charles Lindberg kidnapping case in which Bruno Richard Haupmann was tried and convicted on that type of evidence. Many people have studied the case and feel he was innocent and railroaded and there may be some justification in it. Regardless the judge let it be a circus and he didn't get a fair trial.
  4. AP Panther Fan's Avatar
    Looks like she is going to be forced to check in with much for her little disappearing act. Guess I will have to tune back in to Nancy for a couple of